The Origins of Street Wear Fashion you Need to Know

Reporting from Hypebeast, this style emerged from New York hip hop fashion and California surf culture to include elements of Japanese sportswear, punk, skateboard and street fashion. Usually centered on casual and comfortable clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers.

However, do you know the origin of street style in the fashion world?

Reporting from Messycloset, the notion of street style is a fashion style that grows from the streets and not from fashion shows or designers.

Street style has very close origins with young people over the last few decades.

Unlike other fashion, especially designer-style fashion, which is usually called high fashion, street style includes a variety of unique styles and different characters.

Although the hip hop style has been known as one of the iconic styles in the fashion world, this style still represents the music culture as its origin.

The hip hop style street style was also started by African-American urban communities and then continued into the music industry, and is now a fashion style that is often used by many famous athletes.

Nowadays, well-known designers have even recognized street style and have begun to incorporate elements of street style into their collections.

This shows that the street style trend is able to give a new touch to the world of high fashion which is more synonymous with formal clothing.

Apart from America, street style is also growing rapidly in various countries that are fashion centers, including several countries in Asia including South Korea, Japan, to Hong Kong.