More and more local Indonesian brands are appearing and getting a positive response from the public. Some local shoes even have their own customers.

The development of shoe brands in Indonesia is also supported by world standard quality. Through quality local shoes, local brands can compete with foreign-made products.

Moreover, the price of local brand shoes can be cheaper so that there is no reason for buyers not to choose them.

There are many local brands that are familiar, here are some recommendations for local Indonesian shoes that might be your choice to buy a shoe.

1. Saint Barkley

These local shoes are also often considered as foreign products. This is none other than because his name is Saint Barkley. In fact, this is an original product from Bandung that managed to steal the attention because of its high quality at an affordable price.

2. Compass

Recently, Compass sneakers have become a favorite among young people in the capital. The local brand is sought after because the price is relatively cheap and the quality is also not inferior to foreign brands.

Moreover, what makes Compass sneakers so sought after by many people is the limited number of productions in each edition. That’s what finally made the price soar when many people resell Compass shoes with almost the same as sneakers with well-known brands that are already worldwide.

3. Forever Young Crew ( F.Y.C )

This local shoe brand belonging to Ucay Rocket Rockers is fairly successful in Indonesia. Not only loved by domestic sneakers fans, but FYC has also succeeded in dominating the international market. The design is simple but made from high quality materials, all the shoes produced by Forever Young Crew have the characteristic of a banana as the official logo.

4. 1-999 (One Triple Nine)

This is a local sneaker brand founded by Pee Wee Gaskins vocalist Dochi Sadega. The model of the shoe is in a classic design, suitable for wearing in any situation.

The style of the shoe is characterized by its reference to music, fashion and sports, all of which are inspired by the styles of the late 90s.…